Tracking Conferences with Kanban

I designed a system for tracking my Conferences and CFPs using Trello. This is how it 'Works for Me'.


5 Tools for New Developers

There are tools that all developers user in some fashion, whether they like it or not. Showing proficiency and understanding in the following tools will set you apart as a low-friction candidate who is organized and prepared.

DevOps Day at AWS Loft

I recently went to the DevOps day at the AWS Pop-up Loft in San Francisco. The briefest rundown is that while I didn't really meet or speak to anyone, I would still do the event again. I learned a lot, and I felt supported as far as the instructors were concerned. The presenters were also well-versed and had the right level of expertise to be able to answer questions and keep time. It could have gone better, but it was still pretty good.

Going Serverless

This is going to be the first part of my 'Going Serverless' series where I'll talk about my experience migrating a profile site from a WordPress installation to a more 'Serverless' solution. Why Serverless? Or better, what the heck? Serverless, for the purposes of this project, refers to simply not serving from a web server. …