Going Serverless

This is going to be the first part of my ‘Going Serverless’ series where I’ll talk about my experience migrating a profile site from a WordPress installation to a more ‘Serverless’ solution.

Why Serverless? Or better, what the heck?

Serverless, for the purposes of this project, refers to simply not serving from a web server. This article, Serverless Architectures on MartinFowler.com, by Mike Roberts gives a pretty good rundown on the why’s of Serverless. The short of it is that a traditional architecture comes from an always-on server while serverless uses on-demand functions.

Right now, amy-codes.com is served by an EC2 instance in AWS. It doesn’t need it. It’s a WordPress site I barely remember to post to and the server is on for that and nothing else just all the time.

Apparently, I don’t need to do that.

A serverless version of my page would be HTML/CSS/JS only and served from storage instead of through a web server like it’s the stone age of the 1990’s with a bit of modernization and shininess.

Simply Googling ‘S3 Webpage’ gives a lot of tutorials if you registered with Amazon and lived fully and completely in the AWS ecosystem.

I didn’t.

I had an external domain registrar and a mail forwarding service which apparently is enough to make the process less than straightforward. Not to mention the actual design from my theme was just a child theme of one of the WordPress themes. That meant I had to redesign my page. I’m not a designer. And, I proved it.

So! The Steps to Serverless:

  1. The Redesign
  2. Moving to S3
  3. Tying back to an External Domain
  4. Migrating Mail
  5. Profit??? AKA Post Mortem


Buckle up, it’s gonna get On Demand in here.


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