New Cloudy Ground

Today I start a new job, and it’s mildly terrifying.

I left my public sector Space job where I had my own desk in a cube in all its federal glory doing Application Programming which is basically wheelhouse. It was exactly how I liked it. Comfortable. Exciting but controlled.

This job is remote while I get my family prepared to move. Meaning I’ll be home all day with the same brood I’m moving to the Midwest. I’ve had extended remote stays, usually due to some sort of allergy or other medical issue. I’ve never had to mentally prepare doing this all day every day.

My work is also fairly new. Officially, I’m a Cloud Software Engineer. I’ve used cloud services since I started professionally ten years ago and yet the job description feels like new, untried territory. This will probably be as far a departure of what I’ve done day-to-day as I ever had. With it, I also have to travel across the country twice in the next two months.

To recap, no desk. Travel. New duties.

It’s terrifying, and I’m very excited.

If you see this blog take a shift, this is why.

I’m here now. In the cloud.



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