Women/Hack SV: The Aftermath

On the way out, the woman in charge of the event caught me to ask how I found the event. I was honest with her. There were too many people, not enough time, and not enough companies. She agreed. It was their first time working with that Women/Hack, so she wanted critical feedback. Also, if I considered 8×8.

Again, I was honest. I was interested but they were very clear they weren’t looking for someone like me, just someone who works on ‘Bleeding Edge.’ I got the impression that was not what they were supposed to say. She told me that they’re expanding which means they have legacy systems that need Engineers sooner rather than later. She also gave me her card in case something on their job board caught my eye.

Overall, the frustrating nature of the event was offset by the casual atmosphere and attendees I had the opportunity to chat with. While I initially regretted going, looking back it was more fun than productive. Not talking to the companies because half I would have skipped. Also, I would have skipped being shot down by 8×8 a second time. Being forced into that for the sake of the Speed Dating Model was difficult. Standing in line and chatting with the other women itself was fun.

If we were allowed to line up for the companies we wanted, or given some sort of Fast Pass service where you were guaranteed face time with four and then you could optionally line up for others, that would have been preferable.

Either way, it could be better, but it wasn’t the Fyre Festival of Job Fairs.


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